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LIBERAL GROUP Wyre Forest District Council



First elected as a District Councillor in 1979 and a former Mayor of Kidderminster and Leader of Wyre Forest District Council, I am proud to be one of three Liberal Councillors representing the electorate of Greenhill Ward, a closely knit community near to Kidderminster Town Centre.

I have served as a Member and Chairman of most Council Committees and currently I chair the Finance and Corporate Affairs Policy and Scrutiny Panel. I am a school governor at Comberton Middle and Lea Street First Schools.

My career, prior to taking recent retirement after over 40 years in social work related posts helped me to focus on what has driven me to serve the local community as a District Councillor. It is my desire to assist in whatever way possible, large or small, fellow citizens who need someone to either speak for them or to facilitate that individual in gaining for him/herself recognition and action on their issue or concern.

I enjoy my work as a local Councillor and hope that I am considered by those who come to me for assistance to be approachable, sincere and professional in how I deal with their various issues. Our regular 'Focus' newsletter helps us to keep in touch with the electorate. It is so important that people seek help from others rather than often trying to cope against all the odds.

As a local Councillor, for many years I have consistently responded to the many and varied requests of local residents. It is not always possible to bring instant solutions as finance/funding are usually put forward as reasons not to provide precisely what local people would like to see improved. Examples of this dilemma include road surfaces, litter and dog fouling, anti-social behaviour and an inadequate number of police officers 'on the beat'.

I deliberately quoted the above cross-section of common issues confronting both myself and the other 41 District Councillors on Wyre Forest District Council, to show how the responsibility for making improvements can often cut across three or more different authorities. For example, local District Council, County Council and central government funded departments. As a local District Councillor, it is important to network across many tiers of hierarchy to try and influence how resources are prioritised (whilst not forgetting the all-important contribution that the voluntary sector tries to make in our daily lives).

As well as many local matters which have to be dealt with on a daily basis there are, of course, other issues which span the whole District. In recent years, these have included: recycling, waste disposal plants, 2 or 3 tier school reviews, loss of children's play areas, inadequate town centre parking, public consultation/contributions at Planning and other committees, and redevelopment of the town centre.

Life as a representative on a local Council is never boring - it is just a pity more people do not "put their money where their mouth is" and submit themselves as candidates at local elections rather than simply making negative contributions from the side lines. They might even enjoy it! Cross party debate can be both stimulating and rewarding.

The responsibility of a local Councillor, in my view, is to try and gain as much experience as possible in a whole range of the service provision of their local authority. Learning from others, of whatever political complexion and experience is equally important, as together we seek to reach the best decisions in the interest of the tax payers of the District, so that together we can usually guarantee value for money.

Graham Ballinger

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