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LIBERAL GROUP Wyre Forest District Council



I was elected onto the Council in 2004, as a Councillor for Broadwaters. This is my first time as a Councillor, although I have been involved in local politics for a number of years.

I am committed to improving the Broadwaters area by being involved in the local TCC groups. This involves tackling issues such as vandalism, drug abuse, litter, and general anti-social behaviour, as well as attending regular area walkabouts with the Community Housing Officer to see first-hand items for repair, improvement, removal and general tidying up and also to monitor any of the above that have been previously reported.

I am also involved with several 'task and finish' groups, within the working parties that I am a member of.

A non-political activity I am also involved with, that begun recently is 'Community Spirit Broadwaters', a working group of both Councillors and Community Housing Tenants, set up to improve an area off Zion Hill known locally as the 'Zig Zag'. Already quite a lot of work has been done, but there's room for much more.

Outside of Political activities, I enjoy reading, sports and writing humorous poetry.

Committee Membership Wyre Forest District Council

Commercial Services Policy and Scrutiny Panel
Housing, Health and Rural Affairs Policy and Scrutiny Panel

Liberal Group Spokesman

Commercial Services: Cllr Mandy Poole
Family Issues: Cllr Mandy Poole
Roads & Transport: Cllr Paul Harrison & Cllr Mandy Poole

Cllr Mandy Poole, 142 Tennyson Way, Offmore, Kidderminster, Worcs. DY10 3XH
Home: 01562 754139
E-Mail: Contact Mandy Poole by E-Mail
Weblog: Liberal Group Weblog

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