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LIBERAL GROUP Wyre Forest District Council




Local County Councillor since 1973 and an Offmore and Comberton District Councillor Mike describes his priority as “first rate services AND value for money”.

“We need a Council that cares and above all a Council that knows how to turn caring into action”.

Mike is passionate about community involvement and “the need to keep everyone fully informed, consulted and involved on local issues before decisions are taken”. For over 30 years he has edited the local Liberal FOCUS newsletter delivered at least once a month to every household in the Offmore and Comberton area.

Mike says that his current immediate priorities are:-

“More Police – on the beat – tackling crime, nuisance, vandalism and drug pushing. In this area ASBOs have really helped to cut down nuisance and harassment and made this a better place to live. We need to keep up the pressure. The new facilities at Borrington Park have given local youngsters somewhere to go and enjoy themselves and we need to develop and improve that facility for the whole community.”

“Action to tackle the poor state of local roads and pavements many of which are a total disgrace. The current level of funding is totally inadequate. There is already a 10 million backlog of necessary road works in Wyre Forest and with only 850,000 a year available for maintenance we are never going to catch up. This must be sorted!”

“Improved public transport. The present bus service is a joke and Kidderminster Railway Station is a disgrace. If we are ever going to encourage more people to use public transport then we have got to offer them first rate integrated public transport facilities in the first place!”

“The Wyre Forest Review of Schools imposed on us without proper consultation is a disaster waiting to come to fruition. The High Schools are not going to have viable Sixth Forms and there is going to be all sorts of mayhem and fury as the implications of imposed changes in Primary and High School catchment areas – denying many families their first choice schools – emerge. We have got to work to minimise the damage and put right the mess.”

“The next stage of the Kidderminster Town Centre Redevelopment must include a major Cinema for Kidderminster and provide an opportunity to also upgrade the whole Comberton Hill area as a major ‘gateway' into the town. In particular we must seize the opportunity to get rid of the dreadful underpass at the bottom of Comberton Hill and provide safe and decent pedestrian access into the town centre from this side of town.”

“A major review of match day parking. The obstruction caused by visiting fans has become a real nightmare for many local residents. We need to take a completely new look at the whole problem to see what can be done.”

“The need to clean up litter and dog mess across the District. The current state of the area is simply not acceptable.”

Mike Oborski served for two years as Leader of the Council and three terms of office as Chairman of the Council. He is a past Mayor of Kidderminster. At various times he has held most of the senior Committee Chairmanships on the Council.

He is currently joint Chairman of the key Cabinet Scrutiny Committee and is chairing a Scrutiny Exercise into the working of the Wyre Forest Highways Partnership. Mike is currently Leader of the eight strong Liberal Group on the Council. He rums the Liberal Group Weblog at

Mike is currently a Governor of Comberton Middle School and of Comberton, Offmore and Lea Street First Schools.

He is Chairman of the Offmore Comberton Action Group.

A teacher for 26 years Mike is Consul of the Republic of Poland for the West Midlands. He has been successively awarded the Gold, Knights and Officers Crosses of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland. Mike is Chairman of the Wyre Forest Annual Polish Society.

Mike's interests include a wide range of music and Polish history. He is joint Chairman of the M/S Pilsudski Society ( dedicated to the famous pre-war Polish Ocean Liner.

Cllr Mike Oborski

6 Osborne Close, Kidderminster,
Worcs. DY10 3YY
Home 01562 823911
Fax 01562 861145,
Mobile 07973 281622
E-Mail: Mike Oborski
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