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Pot holes filled - but what is really needed is full scale resurfacing!

Offmore and Comberton Liberal Councillor Siri Hayward today welcomed the patching of pot holes along Borrington Road and at the mini-island junction with Tennyson Way as "better than nothing but not what is really needed".

Cllr Mrs Hayward explained today "The local Highways Partnership Manager has been extremely helpful in getting the pot holes 'patched' and we are extremely grateful to him and his team. The potholes had visibly deteriorated with heavy rain on Thursday night and it was good to see them filled on Friday morning."

"However, it is perfectly clear that what is really needed is full scale resurfacing and that is simply not happening because of Tory run County Council cuts in the Highways Budget!"

"The tragedy is that because the County will not find the money to do the job properly the pot holes will reappear and will have to be 'patched' once again probably within six months!"

"The County needs to get its priorities sorted and put adequate funding into basic highways maintenance rather than locking itself into repeated and ultimately expensive 'patching'.

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