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LIBERAL GROUP Wyre Forest District Council




Your quick guide to the new concessionary fares scheme...

Don't worry. It's quite simple...

  • Free concessionary fares on any bus journey starting or finishing in Worcestershire starts April 1st 2006.

  • Existing bus pass holders will automatically be sent the new passes in the week starting March 20th.

  • New applicants can get them from the Wyre Forest Community Housing Office in Oxford Street during the weeks starting March 20th, March 27th and April 2nd and from Wyre Forest District Council cash offices after April 10th.

  • Free bus passes are available to over 60s and anyone who is blind, partially sighted, profoundly or severely deaf, without speech, has a disability or injury that severely impairs ability to walk, has a learning disability or is a specified companion to a disabled person.

  • Proof of age or disability is required.

    Get in touch if you need further information.

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