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LIBERAL GROUP Wyre Forest District Council




Broadwaters Focus...

Mad plan to stop cars turning from Birmingham Road onto Chester Road

Local Liberal Councillors have obtained a secret letter from Government Highways Agency Consultants saying that they want to...

  • "Prohibit the right and left turns from the A456 to the A449"

As Tim explains "Simply nobody would be allowed to turn left or right in either direction off Birmingham Road and onto Chester Road North at Land Oak."


"This would cause enormous confusion and diversions for motorists and absolute havoc on neighbouring residential roads which would be turned — at a stroke — into heavily overloaded and congested 'rat runs'! Can you just imagine what the traffic congestion on Hurcott Road would be like!”


Here is your easy to follow guide to the new improved scheme. Don’t worry, it’s really very simple….

  • Free concessionary fares on any bus journey starting or finishing in Worcestershire starts April 1st.
  • Existing bus pass holders will automatically be sent the new passes in the week starting March 20th.
  • New Applicants can get them from the Wyre Forest Community Housing Office in Oxford Street during the weeks starting March 20th, March 27th and April 2nd and from and Wyre Forest District Council cash office after April 10th.
  • Free bus passes are available to over 60s and anyone who is blind, partially sighted, profoundly or severely deaf, without speech, has a disability or injury that severely impairs ability to walk, has a learning disability or isa specified companion to a disabled person;
  • Proof of age or disability is required.

Get in touch if YOU need further information!

School catchment area review update

Formal Public Consultation on future School Catchment areas has now started and runs till April 4th. Locally…

  • St Marys Primary School Catchment Area will be exactly the same as the existing First School and will therefore include the Sladen side of Hurcott Road. St. Mary’s will of course feed Wolverley High School and NOT King Charles I High School.

  • St. Oswald’s Primary will have exactly the same catchment area as the existing First School and will feed Wolverley CE High.

      St. George’s Primary will include all the existing First School catchment area plus most of the old Lea Street catchment area and will feed King Charles I High School.

    It is vitally important that you make your views known. The County Council are holding a “drop in” session at Kidderminster Library between 2 pm and 8 pm 22nd March.

    If you have any queries contact County Councillor Fran Oborski on 823911

    Highways chaos

    The Tory County Council intend to close the local Highways Partnership Units and run it all from County Hall where it will be more remote and more out of touch. We believe this is bound to mean an even worse service locally on highway repairs.

    Health! Primary Care Trust! As Tories lose the plot!

    At the March District Council members through out a wishy-washy Tory motion which effectively said well we’d like to keep a Wyre Forest Primary Care Trust but, oh dear, we’ll put up with a whole of Worcestershire one if we have to.

    Rest of Council stand firm

    Instead Liberal, Health Concern, Labour, Lib-Dem and Independent Councillors voted to support a move proposed by Health Concern and seconded by Liberal Group Leader Mike Oborski that instead the Council should stand firm and FIGHT to keep a LOCAL Wyre Forest Primary Care Trust! We want local decisions on local issues—affecting local people—to be taken LOCALLY by LOCAL people!

    £520,000 of YOUR money down the drain every year!

    That is the official figure for how much money Wyre Forest is wasting every year by being spread out over lots of offices and buildings! This has got to stop! We must get Wyre Forest into a single site HQ as soon as possible and use that £520,000 every year to provide services and hold down Council Tax increases!

    Pallets Again!!!

    The Council is STILL waiting for a detailed Planning application and traffic assessment for the pallett storage operation in Stoney Lane. Local residents and Councillors are totally fed up and furious at the mess, fire hazard and nuisance!

    Imperial Avenue…

    As we went to press the WFDC Development Control Committee look set to refuse planning permission for 8 properties at the Imperial Avenue / Windy Ridge site. Planners don’t like the long narrow drive.

    Broad Street traffic…

    The Highways Partnership are drawing up detailed plans for a one way route for HGVs who have to drive down Churchfields and Clensmore to get to Stoney Lane and then back up Broad Street. Extra parking bays will be laid out on Broad Street.

    Broadwaters PACT…

    Nice to see the Police launch the Broadwaters PACT (Police & Communities Together) but we need to pull in people from the WHOLE of the area,

    Congratulations… the Police on recent drugs raids across the area. Keep up the good work!

    Sion Hill School…

    We are pushing to find out what will happen to the Sion Hill School when the schools reorganisation comes in as it will not all be needed for educational purposes.

    Speed on Stourbridge Rd…

    We are pushing for a reduction from 40 to 30 mph on Stourbridge Road going out of town from Broadwaters to Park Gate.

    Hurcott Village…

    We are asking the Highways Partnership to look at ways of reducing speed through the village.

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