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Offmore & Comberton Survey...

Massive response...

Over 400 of you responded to our local survey rating local services on a 5 point scale (5=Excellent, 4=Very Good, 3=O.K, 2=Poor, 1=Awful). This year's response was the highest ever.

No Top Rating This Year...

For the first time in 15 years no local public services were rated "very good to excellent". This is very sad because in the past you regularly put local schools, refuse collection and our local Hospital all in that category.


Perhaps it¡¦s not surprising with all those services undergoing major upheavals:-

- Remaining Kiddeminster Hospital services are still at risk;

- Local Schools are about to go through massive upheavals;

The survey showed a widespread demand for a return to weekly wheelie bin collection, there is confusion over what can actually be recycled, and the survey revealed various localised collection problems.

The Good!

You rated the Fire Service & Library top of the pops this year!

Top rated in this year¡¦s survey were the Fire Service and Kidderminster Library whose 3.8 average ratings put them towards the top end of "O.K to Very Good". Also rated "O.K. to Very Good" were local High, Middle and First Schools and Kidderminster College, Kidderminster Treatment Centre, local parks, local taxi services and, for the first time ever street lighting made the grade.

Not so Good!

Plenty of room for improvement!

You gave a "Poor to O.K." rating to the state of roads and pavements, rail services and Kidderminster Station. Local Policing, warden services, the extent of ant-social behaviour, local crime levels and public safety. Also rated "Poor to O.K." were Worcester Hospital, local maternity services, sports facilities, Kidderminster cemetery and arts and museum facilities as well as facilities for the elderly and disabled.

And The Ugly

Public toilets simply stink!

The very worst ¡§Poor to Awful¡¨ rating was reserved for Kidderminster¡¦s Public Conveniences. Also rated "Poor to Awful" were town centre parking, local bus services, local school reorganisation proposals, the litter and dog mess situation across the town, and the state of grass verges on the Comberton Estate.

Best and worse of living here¡K


Borrington Park, The countryside, Local People!


Litter, the bus service, parking problems & poor road surfaces!

...and those local Councils?

Wyre Forest District Council, Worcestershire County Council and the Community Housing Company all got "Poor to O.K." ratings while Richard Taylor M.P. and the local Ward Councillors rated "Very Good". FOCUS topped the poll with a "Very Good to Excellent" rating.

Action pledge...

We will be taking up ALL the issues raised AND the hundreds of individual problems, ideas and comments you added to the survey sheets. Please get in touch if YOU have any other ideas or comments!

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