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LIBERAL GROUP Wyre Forest District Council




What you need to remember about the "single site" issue...

Wyre Forest's Liberal District Councillors have launched an impassioned plea for a "single site" Council Headquarters.

Liberal Group Leader Cllr Mike Oborski said today "For ages the moaners have been going on about the cost of building a single site headquarters for Wyre Forest District Council."

"What has not attracted publicity is the cost of NOT moving on to a single site!"

"Year in and year out Wyre Forest District Council pours over half a million pounds down the drain simply through NOT being on a single site!"

"The figures speak for themselves. By being on a single site the Council could save:-

  • 165,000 Rental Payments on Duke House and Vicar Street;

  • 25,000 Energy / Water savings;

  • 100,000 Reduced repairs and maintenance;

  • 40,000 IT Equipment and Lines;

  • 20,000 Reduced travel costs;

  • 10,000 Centralised procurement of office supplies;

  • 10,000 Reduced Business Rates;

  • $152,000 Reduced Workforce costs (Administration / Secretarial / Caretaking / Cleansing / Organisational Review).

"These are NOT our figures they are the latest figures on "Areas of Potential Reduction in Costs" from the District Council Treasurer's Department."

"This money should NOT be pouring down the drain year in and year out. It should be going to finance vital services and to hold down Council Tax increases!"

"We cannot ignore the figures. If we are to deliver real value for money services for local residents then we must get the Council onto a "Single Site" H.Q.. It is absolutely essential!"

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